َAbout Us

Farho architectural design with more than 10 years of experience useful in his brilliant career records distinguished response to people with sense of aesthetic tastes excellent Our approach to project design based on place and culture, along with the latest technological developments in the construction industry with techniques derived from indigenous traditions of the area, The company with the slogan "Everyone has a dream, make your own dream" attempt to design unique project in different styles and methods And have an appreciation letters from the relevant organizations and companies.

Field Of Activity

Farho Architecture Studio company in the field of design, consulting and supervision of different projects including commercial buildings, office, residential and designed various sectors such as building facades, interiors, Land scape, Roof Garden and the localization of technical knowledge and use of expert designers and using modern science and technology to work with manufacturers and employers has been respected in this regard.

Work Process

The design and architectural group of Farho during the visit of the project by examining the needs, resources, financial strength of the employer determine the overall framework of the project and then use the necessary skills to design the project. At the next step, according to the employers view, the material is most appropriately measured.

The Farho Team

We believe when architects and structural engineers putting aside environmental engineers in a creative team start the design process, Led to the creation of new ideas. In Farho Architecture Studio all projects from largest to smallest, in terms of quality and presentation in our opinion is no different And a wide range of construction plans for them to consider fully integrated and sustainable design solutions come into existence. Each project is a new challenge for team members Which requires extensive research and many experiments on the basic plan is the construction of new solutions.that require extensive research and many experiments on the basic plan is the construction of new solutions.

Team Members

Farshid Hosseini
C.E.O & Architect
Milad Moradi
3D Artist
Ali Pirooz
Phase 2
Pasha Heidari
Farbod Arbabzadeh