CAA futuristic cloud shaped proposal in korea

CAA futuristic cloud shaped proposal in korea

core of architecture and art — CAA — reveals its latest concept project, ‘wandering in the clouds’, located in south korea. inspired by the taoist concept of ‘yi’, the project is illustrated as a metaphorical ‘cloud’, which surrounds the mystical mount yukyang in samcheok city. the design is stimulated by the cloud forms depicted in east asian ancient fine art and is manifested as a series of bridges and buildings that embrace a sacred mountain within. the architectural program includes museum facilities, a culture and arts village, as well as the remembrance and memorial gardens. once these elements are combined together, they create a figurative place of culture and nature, which draw historical and symbolic reference from the city to embody the eastern spirit of general yisabu, whom the museum and memorial park are dedicated to.

the memorial gardens presented by chinese based architecture firm CAA encircles the mount yukyang. it consists of 2400 m2 of wetland, botanical plantations and gathering facilities for pondering south korea and general yisabu’s great achievements in the serenity of the peaceful environment. ‘it can be seen, but it will not stay, it is blown by the wind, but it leaves no trace behind. floating between the ground and sky, the cloud is the best medium to create a relationship between these two identities, yet at the same time it exists in its own manner.

at the beginning of the yisabu museum, the cloud belt extends to both sides of the mountain, connecting the culture village, hotel and museum in one continuous sky loop, allowing these different elements to form a cohesive relationship, yet maintain their own individuality. the continuous sky bridge encloses the whole community of buildings and provides a space allowing a dynamic conversation to happen between humans and the surrounding natural environment. once in the vicinity, the human is not only a visitor, but also a part of nature.

the twisted shape of CAA’s building displays its power as a metaphor for yisabu conquering this island of dokdo in days gone by. meanwhile, the overall form makes a bold contrast with the surrounding urban fabric, turning the entire architectural design into a distinguished landmark.

the opposite side of mount yukyang is where the arts and culture village is located and presents itself as the display window to promote the city’s development process at a crucial intersection of several primary roads. the original neighborhoods’ urban character has been sensitively adapted to provide 20 new units of permanent homes, workshops and shared creative spaces that allow artists and creatives to gather and collaborate.

inspired by the eastern spirit, CAA’s concept project combines local culture and future ideas to display the way that architecture can interact with people in a different dimension. it breaks physical limitations and demonstrates that there is more possibility within the discipline of architectural design. ‘I am searching for a design language to embody the eastern concept of ‘yi,’ in the futuristic way. this is an exploration of what CAA can do to bring eastern culture and futurism together.’ – liu haowei, director of CAA.

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