Zenkaya design Prefabricated house

Zenkaya design  Prefabricated house

Zenkaya design is an international design company that specializes in prefabricated structures. Eric bigot was the designer for this prefabricated home space whose inspiration for this type of constructions arose from his time living in both New York and Japan where construction methods are both highly rationalized and cost effective. His aim with zenkaya was to introduce south Africans to luxury prefab homes and remove the stigmas attached to such structures. This was not designed as low-cost housing or as a cheap outbuilding.

The name of this prefabricated house originates in two sources: the firs, zen thanks to its hassle-free simplicity and kaya, which means `home` in one of south Africa`s native languages. Zenkaya is completely fabricated in the factory. The units can then be delivered anywhere that is accessible by road and by way of a flat bed truck. If the site is flat and the position of the units allows passage for the truck then zenkaya can be offloaded without a crane.

The form of zenkaya creates a basic cradle-like shape, providing the structure for living areas as well as allowing for the home to open out onto the landscape. Large openings, clean lines and disciplined geometry area a further architectural interpretation of Japan`s zen philosophy. The construction feels much safer and more solid than one might expect and includes double-glazed French windows, a designer kitchen, a bathroom and other luxury extras. Decking also offers a protected outdoor space.

Zenkaya is constructed around a steel frame and is made of highly polystyrene wall panels, hi-tech wood composites and other man-made products. Much of the material used in the construction can be recycled and there are no foundations since the home hardly touches the ground.

In orther to be suitable for a variety of contexts there are a range of designs and different sizes allowing zenkaya to be used as either an office space, an extra bedroom or even as a holiday home. Modules can be added if the client wants something larger, thereby adding a dimension of flexibility to these structures.

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