location : Ahvaz-Kianpars

Land area : 400 sqm

Area under construction : 3800 sqm

Project manager : Mr. Zahedi

date : 2019

Client : Mr. Adnan Mosapoor

condition : Completion Completion

type : Residential

This residential complex located in Ahvaz. Design of the outdoor and lobby is modern but inside of the units are neo-classic.
Black and gold color are in the group of luxury’s color. So, we used these colors in the lobby to make it more elegant.
Flower boxes in the lobby gives good energy in the atmosphere.
Small lights in the roof of the cinema it’s like a stars in the sky. So, make cinema beautiful.
Design of the kitchen is classic. Therefore, the cabinets are classic and the material of them is wood.
Using vertical mirrors for the door of the closet helps the person to see her/his clothes completely and shows the closet bigger.

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